Home page search

Real estate websites often have an easy to use, simplified search on their Home page. Often on top of a slideshow or beautiful background image.

For example:


Here is how to get put these components together:

Add your container:

<div class="home-page-container"></div>

Add the search panel:

<div class="home-page-container">[rover_idx_search_panel search_panel_layout="typeahead_single"]</div>

Add the styling:

.home-page-container {
background-image: url(http://demo.roveridx.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/cape_cod_background.jpg);
background-size: cover;
position: relative;
min-height: 600px;
width: 100%;}


.home-page-container .rover-search-framework {
position: absolute;
top: 30%;
max-width: 60%;
margin: 0 20%;

And you are done!

Getting notified quickly when someone wants to see a listing

A visitor is interested in a property on your website.  They fill out the "See this Listing" contact form on a property page.  By default, Rover IDX sends you email with the contact information.

Did you know that Rover can also send you an SMS (Text) message to your mobile phone?  It's true.  Just set your preference in your Settings.

Customers like quick responses to their inquiries. Here is your chance to respond in real time, wherever you are.

This setting can be adjusted in your Control Panel, and also in the Office and Agents tab, where all active agents are listed for the site.

Custom Search Panels

Many customers want a standard search panel displayed across all their search pages, but a custom search panel - often on the Home page.


[rover_idx_full_page search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="street,mlnumber,beds,baths"]

This is what the shortcode would generate
This is what your shortcode would generate

For a fully custom experience, you can use the search_panel_layout="custom" parameter.  This tells Rover that you do not want to use the search panel template that was chosen as the default for the site.  Rather, you want to display a custom search panel, and specify which search fields are displayed.

template_fields="" is the parameter that instructs which search fields should appear, in what order, in the search panel.  You can specify any available search field.  For instance:

[rover_idx_search_panel search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="cities,price,prop_types" min_price="150000" max_price="800000"]

And if you want a "More" dropdown that has more search fields within it (like many of the default templated search panels) you can do that too.  Just add advanced to the list of template_fields.  All fields after the word advanced will appear within the More dropdown, in the order you specified.  For instance:

[rover_idx_search_panel search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="cities,price,prop_types,advanced,waterfront,yearbuilt,newconstruction" min_price="150000" max_price="800000"]

Don't forget that Rover displays property matches as the visitor makes selections.  If you want to force the display of a search button, just include that in the list of template fields.

[rover_idx_search_panel search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="cities,price,prop_types,advanced,waterfront,yearbuilt,newconstruction,afteradvanced,searchbutton" min_price="150000" max_price="800000"]

The afteradvanced causes the searchbutton to be placed outside the More dropdown, not within.

The reference list of available search fields to include in a search panel are:

  • acres
  • areas
  • baths
  • beds
  • buildings
  • canalfront
  • cities
  • counties
  • dateadded
  • foreclosed
  • garage
  • golf
  • lakefront
  • mlnumber
  • newconstruction
  • newrow
  • oceanfront
  • pool
  • price
  • price_range
  • price_rental_range
  • prop_types
  • riverfront
  • school
  • shortsale
  • sqft
  • street
  • subdivisions
  • waterfront
  • waterview
  • yearbuilt

Display only Single Family Homes

To display only single family homes:

[rover_idx_full_page prop_types="singlefamily"]

You can use additional valid shortcode parameters to more precisely define what you would like displayed.  For instance:

[rover_idx_full_page prop_types="singlefamily,land" min_price="300000"]

[rover_idx_full_page prop_types="singlefamily" waterfront="true"]

*  If you do not include the prop_types parameters, Rover IDX will always assume the list of checked property types in Styling >> Search Panel >> Property Types.

** See Rover IDX shortcode help for more info