How to Customize a Layout

Rover IDX displays content in layouts - which are templates that define the look of the data. There are various layouts - all can be customized:

  • Full Page Layout - used by the [rover_idx_full_page] shortcode, this layout defines what full page elements to display, and where to display them.
  • Search Panel Layout - Search panels are displayed within a [rover_idx_full_page] or [rover_idx_search_panel]. Many attributes of the search panel can be modified using the settings in Rover IDX >> Styling >> Search Panel Layout, and no customization is necessary. But like other layouts, full customization of a search panel layout is possible.
  • Listing Layout - there are many layouts to choose from, and full customization is possible to tweak one of the default layouts, or to create a fully unique layout.
  • Property Detail Layout - The most commonly customized layout - use the slugs available to place the MLS content where you want, using your colors, padding, fonts...everything!

In this video, we'll show a simple customization to the Property Detail Layout. We first copy one of the default layouts (so we don't have to write a bunch of html), and just modify what we want.