The monthly Rover IDX subscription fee:

Number of AgentsIf Paid MonthlyIf Paid Yearly
Single Agent Site$65 per month$702 per year
Team of 2 Agents$85 per month$918 per year
3-10 Agents$130 per month$1,404 per year
10-25 Agents$195 per month$2,106 per year
25-50 Agents$260 per month$2,808 per year
50-75 Agents$325 per month$3,510 per year
75-100 Agents$390 per month$4,212 per year
101-150 Agents$455 per month$4,914 per year
151-200 Agents$500 per month$5,400 per year
251-300 Agents$590 per month$6,372 per year
There is a 10% discount for yearly paid subscriptions

Subscription includes:

  • Full user search capabilities
  • Find and compare properties by location. We do not upcharge for map features.
  • The best IDX SEO available
  • Automatic blogging and social connecting
  • Mobile friendly from start to finish. 70% of your traffic will probably be mobile.
  • Agent pages - Rover IDX automatically builds agent pages, including active and *sold listings, for each active agent on the site.
  • Links - easily add links to property types, cities, neighborhoods, and zip codes.
  • Users can register and receive email alerts
  • Favorites and Saved Searches
  • Create as many landing pages as you like
  • Standard CRM included (Track leads, activity)
  • Listing data is automatically updated every 30 minutes

* If the MLS provides sold listing data

Additional MLS's

  • Rover IDX Subscription includes data for one MLS. Each additional MLS is $20 / month.

Optional Features

  • The Full Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is an option, starting at $50 / month
  • The Custom Listing feature (pocket listings / vacation rentals) is a flat fee of $1,600 per year, with unlimited listings.

Website Creation

Standard website - starting at $1,250

  • Update your own website pages
  • Property pages are automatically updated every 30 minutes
  • Blog (if you want)
  • Your Listings page
  • Search page to find any property in MLS in the towns you cover
  • Users can register and receive email alerts
  • Users can subscribe to properties
  • Track what users view
  • Select from our list of themes

Full custom website - starting at $3,500

  • Everything in Standard site
  • fully custom design, layout, and logos. Build the site for your brand, your business.  No other site will look like it.

Website Hosting

You are free to host your website anywhere you like. If you choose to host with us, you'll get:

  • Very fast servers running LiteSpeed
  • Free WP Rocket plugin
  • Free SSL
  • Only $300 / year

* For best performance, we do not recommend shared hosting.

No Contract

When you sign up for a Rover IDX subscription, there is no contract. The subscription can be setup as monthly or yearly. Invoices are sent for the upcoming monthly or annual cycle, and are nonrefundable. Invoices are emailed from our invoicing partner Freshbooks. When the first invoice is paid, Freshbooks is setup to retain your card information for future charges. Of course, this checkbox can be unchecked. If unchecked, you will be responsible for paying the monthly / yearly invoices manually. An email will be sent each cycle whether the payment is automatic or manual.

Updating your Credit Card

When your credit card is re-issued with a new expiration, or when you want to use a different card, click on your last Freshbooks invoice link. On the invoice page in your browser, there is an "Update Credit Card" link. Click it to replace your card details.

Canceling Service

To cancel service, please email us. Please include your website url.