Customer service !

Your customer service is A+++. I always mention your company when someone posts on social media asking for an IDX… Read more “Customer service !”


The Best IDX Solution Available, HANDS DOWN!

Hey Agents, If you’re tired of garbage IDX plugins and searching for a real solution, read on! I stumbled on to Rover IDX after my annual quest to drop the plugin company I’ve had for 5 years. They were slow, buggy and their customer support experience was MISERABLE. I knew I was searching in vain… Read more “The Best IDX Solution Available, HANDS DOWN!”


Fantastic Support, Amazing Tool!

I’ve tried a lot of real estate plugins, and NO QUESTION RoverID is the best by far. Not only is it much more robust and customizable than any of the others, but you also get the most amazing support from the Rover team. I was highly impressed, created a powerful, customer-friendly website, and had phenomenal… Read more “Fantastic Support, Amazing Tool!”


Great real estate plug in

I just wanted to reach out and thank you guys for creating a great real estate plug in. I love how it just works and it easily customizable. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Keep up the great work and happy… Read more “Great real estate plug in”


Incredible support

I think I’ve never seen such support. I know I’m asking a lot with so many questions since I work in a niche market, but they answer and find a solution for everything. This plugin is fast, easy to install and good for SEO. What else? Thank you guys.… Read more “Incredible support”


Intuitive Highly Customizable Real Estate Plugin

Out of the box, the built-in design templates are well thought out and look good on all device sizes but are also highly customizable. I love that I have control over search panel criteria, complete property detail page layout, map pages, listing pages and more. Customization is also integrated into lead generation behavior so new… Read more “Intuitive Highly Customizable Real Estate Plugin”


The Best

Robust, intuitive, fantastic plugin that comes with Tech Support that is truly AMAZING. 5 stars… Read more “The Best”


Prompt customer service

Customer service is excellent and very prompt and we’ve always been pleased with the product. Steve typically replies very quickly to all our requests and is helpful to resolve any issues we… Read more “Prompt customer service”


Best IDX solution for WordPress websites

As a former website designer & marketer, I’ve spent months looking for the right IDX solution for my own website. This plugin is AMAZING! Super user-friendly, best build-in SEO, great looking search & results pages, and awesome support team. Selling point: I use this plugin on two of my websites while paying for one subscription… Read more “Best IDX solution for WordPress websites”


Really flexible, great support

After trying 10+ IDX plugins for a client, we chose Rover IDX for it’s flexibility and design. The plugin is easily customized to fit our site design and functionality. Templates are easy to adjust and even offer custom coded solutions. Short codes are easy to use and allow for an infinite styles and layouts. Any… Read more “Really flexible, great support”


Quality IDX Plugin + Great Support

Rovor IDX is by far the best IDX solution out there and I have tried them all. Multiple website use, mobile, simple short codes, fully customizable, SEO, listing .XML sitmap… this plugin has everything that you need with the bonus of fantastic… Read more “Quality IDX Plugin + Great Support”


Best IDX available

If you are looking for an IDX company, this is hands down the best one I have ever dealt with! Customer Service is phenomenal, the product is super flexible for different types of result layouts and… Read more “Best IDX available”


Excellent IDX Plugin and Superlative Support

I’ve looked at all of the IDX WordPress solutions and was not impressed until I found Rover IDX. The installation was quick and simple. It offers true SEO and not on a subdomain. It is easily customizable and the number of options are extensive, but even more impressive is the support. If you’re on the fence… Read more “Excellent IDX Plugin and Superlative Support”


SEO Friendly IDX for RE Agent or Broker sites

Providing visitors with access to honest-to-goodness MLS search results is something more agents should consider adding to their websites. The “right” IDX can do that and also increase your site’s SEO “juice.” I am familiar with or have tried many of the available IDX Plugins out there, and Rover IDX is the “best” currently available… Read more “SEO Friendly IDX for RE Agent or Broker sites”


Excellent Service!!!

I am not a computer savvy person and Rover IDX is a fantastic company to work with…..always responds in a super timely manner….always helpful…..never has let me down….keeps updates constant….I would refer Rover IDX to… Read more “Excellent Service!!!”


Best IDX plugin out there!!!

I have spent much time going through the all the IDX possibilities and eliminated them all quickly…. until I found RoverIDX. Set up was fast, customization impressive and results astounding. If you’re looking for an IDX plugin look no further, you’ve found… Read more “Best IDX plugin out there!!!”


Excellent IDX for Real Estate Websites

I don’t know of any better IDX plug-in for real estate websites. Rover IDX was good when I started using it about a year ago and it is only getting better. Documentation is very good and personal support via email is very responsive. I can recommend Rover IDX without reservations. (I’ve created my first website… Read more “Excellent IDX for Real Estate Websites”

Gerhard Ade

Leaps and Bounds Better than Competitors

As a freelance website designer and developer, there is no doubt that in the past there has been a shortage of good real estate plugins and support. That has finally changed! Rover IDX is coming in fast and furious and blows away other real estate plugin competition. WHY? This system is MUCH easier to use… Read more “Leaps and Bounds Better than Competitors”

Kerry Carron

Great IDX plugin, and a responsive developer…

I recently switched my realtor client’s website from Diverse Solutions’ IDX to Rover IDX because of DS’s refusal to allow for SSL certificates, which broke its responsive mobile display. When I’ve had questions, I was able to speak with the developer and he was very responsive to my needs. This is a good product. I’ve… Read more “Great IDX plugin, and a responsive developer…”

Barbara Rowen

Great IDX plugin

I have been using the Rover IDX plugin for several years now and it has been fantastic. The setup and customization were simple and the support from the Rover team has been outstanding. The searches are super fast and it is loaded with features for managing my clients. I really like the daily emails and… Read more “Great IDX plugin”


Excellent IDX Plugin

Full featured, flexible solution for adding Real Estate IDX to WP websites. I have used extensively for several years and have been nothing but impressed with the plugin and the support from the… Read more “Excellent IDX Plugin”