The Best IDX Solution Available, HANDS DOWN!

Hey Agents,

If you’re tired of garbage IDX plugins and searching for a real solution, read on!

I stumbled on to Rover IDX after my annual quest to drop the plugin company I’ve had for 5 years. They were slow, buggy and their customer support experience was MISERABLE. I knew I was searching in vain until I found RoverIDX. I made a call to ask some questions dreading I would end up with somebody on the other end of the line who couldn’t answer. To my surprise, not only did somebody answer the phone, they could answer ALL my questions with speed and agility in a language I could understand! Say what?!

I made the switch, asking questions, getting answers, making adjustments getting solutions…it took a while but I have a HUGE site. RoverIDX could not be more responsive and problem-solving. The people behind Rover are code geniuses…I mean OVER THE TOP smart but they are also ridiculously helpful and have this driving nature to knock it out of the park for you every time! Never in my life have I hired a company that was so willing to help me and my website perform masterfully until now.

If your current plugin company is telling you your website is slow and there’s no way of fixing it, they are wrong! RoverIDX has accomplished AMAZING SPEEDS and you need that if you want Google to rank your website first page high. Their knowledge of SEO is also out of this world! My last IDX plugin couldn’t even spell SEO! This team understands it EXCEPTIONALLY well!

If your current company doesn’t let you customize, ROVERIDX lets you customize EVERYTHING including photo sizes! No more forcing your clients to search your real estate website with binoculars and no more being forced to have a website that looks like EVERYBODY else’s!

If you’re tired of waiting days and months for important fixes to garbage code with your current IDX company, call RoverIDX and end the madness!

Switching to RoverIDX is the #1 best thing you can do for your real estate business!