The Control Panel is your CRM

Contacts are added to the CRM in a number of ways

  • The client registers on the website
  • The client fills out one of the various Contact forms
  • The agent imports their contacts
  • The agent enters them

Track contact activity

  • Last time contact was on the website
  • What properties they viewed
  • Their Saved Searches
  • Their Favorites
  • View the automatic property emails Rover IDX sends them


  • In addition to the automated emails sent, agents can manually send property or text emails to one or many contacts.
  • These emails are saved as on the contact Activity tab
  • Receive automatic emails / text messages when a person registers on the website
  • Add Task's and Notes
  • Contacts can be shared among agents in the same office, individually or all contacts
  • Tag contacts with helpful text to find them easily.

Integration with other CRM's

Integration with Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is the leader in real estate lead management. When integration is enabled, Rover IDX will continue to save your lead data in your Rover IDX control panel, but it will also send these transactions to your Follow Up Boss account:

  • Registration
  • Property Favorites
  • Contact Us
  • Property Inquiry
  • Saved Searches

Integration with Top Producer, Zapier and other CRM's that parse email - New Feature

Send plain-text emails to third-party CRM inboxes - automatically adding leads generated on your website to your favorite CRM. Enabling this feature is simple:

Emails will be sent to your CRM for the following transactions:

  • Registration
  • Property Favorites
  • Contact Us
  • Property Inquiry