SEO Friendly IDX for RE Agent or Broker sites

Providing visitors with access to honest-to-goodness MLS search results is something more agents should consider adding to their websites. The “right” IDX can do that and also increase your site’s SEO “juice.” I am familiar with or have tried many of the available IDX Plugins out there, and Rover IDX is the “best” currently available for WordPress sites. While customizing any IDX is a nontrivial task, Rover IDX is more user-friendly than other IDX plugins that I have used. Another consideration is SEO friendliness. By that, I mean displaying MLS search results “inside” your site, and not in somebody else’s site. BTW, a subdomain, “,” is still somebody else’s site. Again, Rover IDX shines here. An example of an SEO friendly URL might be, “”. I even think there is some way to implement Rover IDX into an HTML (old fashion site). Lastly, the price is right. When I purchased Rover IDX, the cost was around $50 per month for up to five sites. A solid five-star plug-in.

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