Leaps and Bounds Better than Competitors

As a freelance website designer and developer, there is no doubt that in the past there has been a shortage of good real estate plugins and support. That has finally changed!

Rover IDX is coming in fast and furious and blows away other real estate plugin competition. WHY?

  • This system is MUCH easier to use
  • It secures Google Rank on YOUR website pages even after the listing is sold.
  • It can be designed into any theme.
  • Shortcode eliminates any need for really knowing any code.
  • Plus the shortcode is completely customizable for any combination of real estate elements, you need/want!
  • It’s easily integrated into and can be used along with popular Page Builders
  • Excellent support

You seriously have to try this to believe it. It will change the way you think about building real estate websites!

It’s going to be a LONG time before I will ever need another real estate plugin. TY Rover IDX!

I happily use and recommend this plugin and Steve Mullen (the developer).

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