How to Customize a Layout

Rover IDX displays content in layouts – which are templates that define the look of the data. There are various layouts – all can be customized: Full Page Layout – used by the [rover_idx_full_page] shortcode, this layout defines what full page elements to display, and where to display them. Search Panel Layout – Search panels … Read more

Rover 2.0 Sneak Peak: Login / Register choices

Rover has always given you choices when setting up your Login / Register component.  This important and visible component makes it easy for visitors to register on your website, so they can save searches and track their favorite listings.  Previous choices were to add a dropdown button at the top of each page (automatically): You could … Read more

Two new listing layouts

Rover makes it easy.  You can choose from our growing list of listing layouts, or you can create your own.  We are thrilled to tell you we’ve released two new layouts for you to choose from: Cube Clean Cube Clean is a redesign of our popular Cube layout.  It’s elegant and uses the ‘Lato’ font, … Read more