Two new listing layouts

Rover makes it easy.  You can choose from our growing list of listing layouts, or you can create your own.  We are thrilled to tell you we've released two new layouts for you to choose from:

Cube Clean

Cube Clean is a redesign of our popular Cube layout.  It's elegant and uses the 'Lato' font, to crisply display more information for your visitors.

AgentPress Pro

AgentPress Pro is a theme that mimics the Genesis AgentPress Pro theme.  If you are using this theme with Rover IDX, choosing the AgentPress Pro layout lets insert Rover into the theme with flawless results.

These layouts, like all our layouts, are mobile responsive.  Gorgeous on a 30 inch monitor, and still gorgeous on an iPhone or Android.

A simple click lets you choose one of our 6 layouts as your default.