Configurable Lead Generation

Most IDX's out there give you lead generation. Some do it well, but it's almost always on their terms.

With Rover IDX, you can have lead generation the way you want it.

You can have your website 'open', so visitors can view properties without having to login.

Draw them in
You can configure Rover to allow the visitor 5 searches, (or 10, or whatever) before asking them to log in. You can also allow them to search an infinite number of times, but only view property details for 5, or 10, or whatever properties.

Tight Control
Alternatively, you can configure Rover to not allow any visitor to see property details until they have Registered.


rover_leads_2You also have a choice in what the Registration Dialog looks like.  There are two templates, and we allow a custom option.

Walk the visitor through a simple three-part wizard that collects name, phone, email, and property preferences.

A short dialog that only collects email address, password, and phone. The property preferences default to their last search.

You can upload your own HTML that will be used for the Registration Dialog.


Third Party Lead Generation Tracking

Rover IDX allows you to paste in the tracking script from a third party, so that all successful conversions are tracked. Very powerful!