Two new search panels

Elegant typedown searching with full property thumbnails. These two typedown search panels come in two layouts, but are easily customizable to any variation:


Did you know that your Rover-enabled website can display reports of sold and even active listings?  It’s true!  And not only normal tabular reports like: But also fun and animated reports in chart format, for instance: These reports can be displayed on a post or page, and also added as an interactive tool that allows … Read more

Configurable Lead Generation

Most IDX’s out there give you lead generation. Some do it well, but it’s almost always on their terms. With Rover IDX, you can have lead generation the way you want it. Open You can have your website ‘open’, so visitors can view properties without having to login. Draw them in You can configure Rover … Read more

Announcing: Support for Bootstrap and Foundation

We’re thrilled to announce a major new feature – support for multiple new css frameworks.  If you purchase a theme that is already integrated with Bootstrap 3 or Zurb Foundation, you can style Rover IDX to perfectly integrate with your theme by simply checking a radiobox.   Also, if you don’t have Bootstrap or Foundation on … Read more

Ever wonder how to create a small, simple search panel?

We get this question a lot.  Using the custom search panel drag-n-drop, you can choose to set the search panel you design as the default for your website, or you can copy the suggested shortcode, and paste it into a page on your website.  In this case, this simple shortcode: [rover_idx_full_page search_panel_layout=”custom” template_fields=”buildStreetName,buildMLNumber,buildBeds,buildBaths,buildPrice” all_per_row=”6″ full_panel_layout=”top”] … Read more

Drag ‘n Drop search panel creation

You want to have a website that you know your visitors will find easy to use.  You also want to be different from everyone else.  Rover IDX enables you to configure your Search Panel to look however you want.  Of course, there is a default search panel that just works.  But if you want to … Read more

Simplified Registration for improved lead generation

Lead Generation is a main focus of Rover 1.2.5.  You can now have Registration / Sign Up links specify  property preferences automatically.  So if your landing page is targeting one town / subdivision / property type…, the registration process can seamlessly integrate that preference into the property preference that is setup for the new user. … Read more

Simplify your search bar

Rover IDX Omni Search is the cleanest and easiest way to let your visitors find what they want without having to crack open a manual.