Custom Search Panels

Many customers want a standard search panel displayed across all their search pages, but a custom search panel - often on the Home page.


[rover_idx_full_page search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="street,mlnumber,beds,baths"]

This is what the shortcode would generate
This is what your shortcode would generate

For a fully custom experience, you can use the search_panel_layout="custom" parameter.  This tells Rover that you do not want to use the search panel template that was chosen as the default for the site.  Rather, you want to display a custom search panel, and specify which search fields are displayed.

template_fields="" is the parameter that instructs which search fields should appear, in what order, in the search panel.  You can specify any available search field.  For instance:

[rover_idx_search_panel search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="cities,price,prop_types" min_price="150000" max_price="800000"]

And if you want a "More" dropdown that has more search fields within it (like many of the default templated search panels) you can do that too.  Just add advanced to the list of template_fields.  All fields after the word advanced will appear within the More dropdown, in the order you specified.  For instance:

[rover_idx_search_panel search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="cities,price,prop_types,advanced,waterfront,yearbuilt,newconstruction" min_price="150000" max_price="800000"]

Don't forget that Rover displays property matches as the visitor makes selections.  If you want to force the display of a search button, just include that in the list of template fields.

[rover_idx_search_panel search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="cities,price,prop_types,advanced,waterfront,yearbuilt,newconstruction,afteradvanced,searchbutton" min_price="150000" max_price="800000"]

The afteradvanced causes the searchbutton to be placed outside the More dropdown, not within.

The reference list of available search fields to include in a search panel are:

  • acres
  • areas
  • baths
  • beds
  • buildings
  • canalfront
  • cities
  • counties
  • dateadded
  • foreclosed
  • garage
  • golf
  • lakefront
  • mlnumber
  • newconstruction
  • newrow
  • oceanfront
  • pool
  • price
  • price_range
  • price_rental_range
  • prop_types
  • riverfront
  • school
  • shortsale
  • sqft
  • street
  • subdivisions
  • waterfront
  • waterview
  • yearbuilt