Big news: Rover CRM now has two modes, and the first is FREE

The Rover IDX CRM now has two offerings. Dashboard Lite and Dashboard Full Featured

The Dashboard Lite allows your to manage contacts. You can see who has been on your site, when automatic property emails were sent to them, and also send them emails

The optional Dashboard Full Featured CRM adds features on top of the Dashboard Lite. You can add Notes and Tasks. You can Tag contacts to better organize your lists.
And you can view contact activity - like what properties they've viewed, what searches they've saved, and when they were last on the site.

Visitors to your site who fill out contact forms or register on your site will appear here. You can also add / import contacts.

Manage user information, including Favorites and Saved Searches. You can reset their passwords - and the users can also perform all these actions on their own profiles.

The optional full-featured CRM allows you the ability to add Notes, Tasks, and Tag contacts and prospects.

Getting notified quickly when someone wants to see a listing

A visitor is interested in a property on your website.  They fill out the "See this Listing" contact form on a property page.  By default, Rover IDX sends you email with the contact information.

Did you know that Rover can also send you an SMS (Text) message to your mobile phone?  It's true.  Just set your preference in your Settings.

Customers like quick responses to their inquiries. Here is your chance to respond in real time, wherever you are.

This setting can be adjusted in your Control Panel, and also in the Office and Agents tab, where all active agents are listed for the site.