Display my listings

Many offices and agents want to display their own listings on a dedicated page.  This helps to give their listings more visibility.

To display all listings for the active office mlsid(s) for this site:
[rover_idx_full_page listing_office_mlsid="*"]

To display all listings for the active agent mlsid(s) for this site:
[rover_idx_full_page listing_agent_mlsid="*"]

You can use additional valid shortcode parameters to more precisely define what you would like displayed.  For instance:
[rover_idx_full_page listing_agent_mlsid="*" prop_types="land,singlefamily"]

[rover_idx_full_page listing_agent_mlsid="*" waterfront="true"]

*  In both cases, Rover IDX knows the active offices and agents on the site, and will look up their mlsid(s) when you use the asterisk.
** You can specify the mlsid if you want to display only one agents listing on the site. For instance, listing_agent_mlsid="F4932"