Rover 2.0 Sneak Peak: Copy Settings from Another Site

Rover IDX allows one license-holder to use that license on up to 5 domains.  Managing those domains is going to get a bit easier with this feature.

Rover IDX 2.0 will allow you to copy your Styling settings from one site to another:

Simple two-step process
Simple three-step process
  • Enter the domain id of the site source website. copy_settings_domain_id
  • Go to that source website, and Approve the copy request.copy_settings_approve
  • Go back to the target website and Finalize the copy.  copy_settings_finalize

The Copy Settings feature will copy all Styling settings, including:

  • CSS Framework
  • Login / Register display
  • Search panel preferences
  • Listing layout preferences
  • Property Detail page preferences

This feature will also copy custom layout templates and Map defined locations that you may have created to the target site.