Custom Welcome Emails

As Rover IDX gains popularity, we've received some interesting and powerful feature requests.  One that we just implemented is Custom Welcome Emails.


Rover IDX has always sent a Welcome email to both the client and the agent when the client registers on your website.  And while that email has the correct logo for your website at the top, and it contains your name, the clients name, the clients username / password, and your contact info - all the other text was static.


Custom Email ImageNow you can create a custom email.  Rover IDX will (as always) add your clickable banner to the top of the email, but you can change the content to be whatever you want.  This allows you to have the email focus on your specific business strengths, and can include any other information like your availability, preferred contact methods, and links to pages on your site that you'd like to highlight.


Happy Registering!