Announcing Rover IDX 2.1.0

Rover IDX 2.1.0 is primarily a performance release.  It contains many enhancements to improve overall speed.  In addition, these features are included:


  • Improved ability to display listings from multiple MLS regions in one search result.
  • Property Layout slideshow with lazy loading images and swipe gestures.
  • New Listing layouts, along with the ability to customize existing layouts.
  • Display both active and sold listings together in one search result.

General Usability

  • add 'Forgot password' to Login dialog

Search Panel

  • Price dropdown is now two simple <select> dropdowns.  Much simpler, more mobile friendly.
  • Improvement search panel responsiveness

Custom (non-MLS) Listings

  • Rover has long has the option to create property listings of any type: Single Family Homes for sale, Land for sale, Homes for lease, vacation rentals. This new release contains a feature for Lease processing: A lease can be created with the click of a button and emailed to the tenant. So the entire transaction can be paperless.

PHP 7.2

  • In addition, we've completed quality assurance testing and are happy to announce that Rover IDX 2.1.0 supports PHP 7.2.