Where is the Search button?

Rover performs searches in real-time (immediately) as you change selections on the search panel.  So you do not need a Search button when listings or a map are displayed on the same page.  As you make changes to the search panel, the map and listings update almost instantly.  

If you have a page that has just a search panel, then you can do two things:

- Use the Rover Quick Search widget, and check 'Redirect search to new page'.  This will allow visitors to click a Search button, and open a new page with the search results.

- Define a custom search panel and place any search fields in any order - see here for an example:


Custom search panels are drag and drop created in Rover IDX >> Styling >> Search Panel.  Just click Build Your Own (Drag & Drop).  After you are done dragging and dropping, you can save this as your default search panel, or copy the Shortcode Example to use this new Search Panel in one or a few pages.