Sneak Peak: Rover IDX 3.0

We've been working hard on new features


Rover IDX 2.1 was fast. Rover IDX 3.0 is even faster. Every component has been performance tuned for a blazing page load.

Customizable search panel styling

You can now configure colors, background colors, borders, and so on.

Plugin Pages Update

Completely re-written plugin setup pages - Even easier and simpler.

New Side-by-Side layout

Equal size map and results, side by side, on one page.

All listing images now viewable without opening listing

Super easy photo viewing. And these images are swipe-able on your mobile phone.

And one more big surprise! Rover IDX is AMP-friendly!

Rover IDX works with the leading AMP plugins to present obscenely fast page loads, fully AMP compliant.

Rover IDX 3.0 is currently in beta with a select set of public websites, and will be released to the WordPress Plugin Repository soon.