Announcing Rover IDX 2.0

We are thrilled to announce that Rover IDX 2.0 will become available this week.  A long time in the making, Rover IDX 2.0 is packed with new features you've been asking for:

  • New, more modern looking Search Panels!
  • Facebook login
  • Ability to combine counties, cities, areas, subdivisions… into one drag and drop organized search control on Search Panel.  See it in action here.
  • Upon setup, offer to add search pages for specific towns
  • Listing layout 'Active', 'Sold', 'New', 'Pool'… banner diagonally across photo.  See it in action here.
  • Allow multiple MLS regions to be searched in one page (if allowed by MLS)
  • Allow multiple search shortcodes on one page, each acting independently.  See it in action here.
  • Add ability to redirect non-Active crawled pages to the default 404 page, the Home page, or any selected page.
  • New Listing Layout `ritz`  See it in action here
  • Add ability to add Login and Register menu items to primary or secondary WordPress menu.  See it in action here.
  • Copy settings from one domain_id to this domain_id
  • Configurable registration dialog
  • Configurable wait icons.  Choose from five great icons.


Other great features:

  • Search button will auto-appear on non-custom search panels when search panel has no listing or map framework on same page.
  • New Contact form shortcode [rover_idx_contact]  See it in action here.
  • Add Captcha to Contact form.  See it in action here.
  • New Registration form shortcode [rover_idx_register]  See it in action here.
  • Map drawing tools for visitor.  See it in action here.
  • Allow sorting of Styling >> Search >> Property Types
  • Allow sorting of General >> Office & Agents
  • Allow removal of Emoji code (JS and CSS) added by WordPress 4.2
  • Agent can now manage agent cities that are used to generate Agent Newsletter