Custom Search Panels

Custom Search Panels

Many customers want a standard search panel displayed across all their search pages, but a custom search panel - often on the Home page. Example: [rover_idx_full_page search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="street,mlnumber,beds,baths"] This is what your... read more


The Rover IDX Control Panel allows agents and brokers to analyze website success.  Key metrics are displayed in easy to read graphs, and also in tabular format. These metrics allow you to understand how your site is being used, what is succeeding, and what... read more


Did you know that your Rover-enabled website can display reports of sold and even active listings?  It's true!  And not only normal tabular reports like: But also fun and animated reports in chart format, for instance: These reports can be displayed on a post or page,... read more

Announcing Rover IDX 2.0

We are thrilled to announce that Rover IDX 2.0 will become available this week.  A long time in the making, Rover IDX 2.0 is packed with new features you've been asking for: New, more modern looking Search Panels! Facebook login Ability to combine counties, cities,... read more

Rover 2.0 Sneak Peak: Copy Settings from Another Site

Rover IDX allows one license-holder to use that license on up to 5 domains.  Managing those domains is going to get a bit easier with this feature. Rover IDX 2.0 will allow you to copy your Styling settings from one site to another: Enter the domain id of the site... read more

Rover 2.0 Sneak Peak: Login / Register choices

Rover has always given you choices when setting up your Login / Register component.  This important and visible component makes it easy for visitors to register on your website, so they can save searches and track their favorite listings.  Previous choices were to add... read more

Where is the Search button?

Rover performs searches in real-time (immediately) as you change selections on the search panel.  So you do not need a Search button when listings or a map are displayed on the same page.  As you make changes to the search panel, the map and listings update almost... read more

How to handle stray map markers

Listing addresses are geocoded to get the correct latitude and longitude. Sometimes, especially when the address was not correctly input by the agent during the creation of the MLS listing, that geocoding goes awry: Detecting that the geocode didn't quite give us what... read more