By default, Rover IDX searches for ‘Active’ and ‘Pending’ listings listings.  To tell Rover to search for specific status of listings, use this parameter.  The three status are: active pending sold These statuses can be combined in the shortcode: status=”active,pending”


cities= defines the currently selected cities / towns.  When set, the page will initially draw with: listings that will match these cities or towns. search panel (if present) that will display these cities as the dropdown title Of course, after this page is initially displayed, a visitor can change selections on the search panel, and the … Read more


Display Price / City / Beds / Baths in a caption bar at bottom of slideshow. For instance:                   Usage: slide_caption=”true” Example: [rover_idx_slider slide_caption=”true”]


date_added=”1week” The “1week” can be any combination of <number> + <day / week / month>. For instance: date_added=”37days” date_added=”2months” date_added=”9months”