Limit the number of listings displayed in a given plugin.   If none specified, the default is 10.


Display only properties that are built on or after a specified year.  The year should be in 4-digit format. * Some MLS’s do not share this data.


The region defines which MLS regions to be used for this shortcode output. When only one MLS region is specified region=”RAPB”: a: The output will initialize with data from that specified region b: If a search panel is part of that output, the search panel will be limited to displaying listings for just that region. Specify … Read more


Used in conjunction with newAndUpdated plugin. Display new listings that were added in the previous ‘x’ days.  The value can be quite flexible.  For instance, these all work: [rover_idx_plugin plugin_type=”newAndUpdated” date_added=”1 month”] [rover_idx_plugin plugin_type=”newAndUpdated” date_added=”4 days”] [rover_idx_plugin plugin_type=”newAndUpdated” date_added=”2 weeks”] Default is to ignore this parameter, in favor of prev_days=”7 days”.


Used in conjunction with newAndUpdated plugin. Display listings updated in previous ‘x’ days.  The value can be quite flexible.  For instance, these all work: [rover_idx_plugin plugin_type=”newAndUpdated” prev_days=”1 month”] [rover_idx_plugin plugin_type=”newAndUpdated” prev_days=”4 days”] [rover_idx_plugin plugin_type=”newAndUpdated” prev_days=”2 weeks”] Default is “7 days”


Define the plugin type.  Possible choices are: newAndUpdated – display listings updated in ‘prev_days’ recentlyViewed – display listings visitor recently viewed featuredListings – display this office / agent listings foreclosureListings – display distressed listings lakefront – display lakefront listings clientFavorites – display visitor favorites navMap – used in conjunction with Map quickSearchLinks – display groups … Read more


quick_search_links_per_row=”” is specific to plugin_type=”quickSearchLinks”, and defines the layout of the columns. quick_search_links_per_row=”3″ (or any number 1-6) The default is “1”


“accordion” is the default for most Rover IDX widgets. It provides a header for the title, and is collapsible. Clicking on it collapses the widget. “flat” is the default for the Quick Links widget. There is no header.


Automatically add areas (neighborhoods) for each city. This parameter applies only to the quickSearchLink plugin.


Specify the label for the quickSearchLinks plugin – which normally defaults to the towns selected.