When present on a mobile device, the search panel can be collapsed (closed), or expanded (open). There are two choices: open closed The default is ‘open’


For sites that have many active agents, you can add a navigator to the top of the page that allows a visitor to click a letter in the navigator and view agents whose last names begin with that letter.  


The default title for the Home Worth shortcode is “What’s my Home Worth”.  It can be modified to anything you like using this shortcode parameter.


Instead of using the default background image, supply a url to your custom images.   If you want to remove the background image altogether, use the special keyword `transparent`


By default a footer element is displayed below search results.  This nav contains the Next and Prev controls.  The display of this footer can be prevented with this parameter.


By default a nav element is displayed above search results.  This nav contains the Next / Prev, and Sort controls.  The display of this nav can be prevented with this parameter.


Link output is not limited to displaying a flat link list of cities or subdivisions or zip codes.  They can be combined using the group_by parameter to generate more interesting output: Possible group_by combinations are: group_by=”city,prop_type” group_by=”city,area” group_by=”city,subdivision” group_by=”area,prop_type” group_by=”subdivision,prop_type” group_by=”zip,prop_type”


Define who the contact is sent to. By default – contact forms that are integrated on property detail pages are sent to: a) the listing agent, if that agent is an active agent on this website b) the contact defined in Rover IDX >> Lead Generation


Specify the price list of prices available in the dropdowns. This parameter only applies to price dropdowns in a search panel. It does not apply to the range slider. This parameter is great for search panels of rental properties (lower the avg sale prices) or luxury sales market.