When using the Polygons parameter in a shortcode, the polygon will be displayed on the map. If you do not want it displayed (but still obeyed), use `show_polygons=”false”`


You can define one or more polygons (shapes on a map), and these polygons will define which listings display on a page. The page can display a map, or just listings with no map. See Polygon search for more information. By default, these polygons are drawn on the map. If you want the polygons to … Read more


When you click in the search panel typedown field (available with the `typeahead_basic` and `typeahead_single` layouts), the placeholder text in the control defaults to “Street,Subdivision,City,County,Zip,MLS#”. If your MLS does not share `subdivision` data with us, it defaults to “Street,City,County,Zip,MLS#” To change this default placeholder, use the `typeahead_placeholder` parameter.


Display listings within gates communities. If the MLS supports this, a “Gated” checkbox will be available in the “More” search panel dropdown.


Display listings that have a pool. More pool information (above ground, inground…) usually appear in the External section of the property page.


Limit listings to a specified state


When you click in the search panel typedown field (available with the `typeahead_basic` and `typeahead_single` layouts), the list expands to show all cities defined in Rover IDX >> General >> Default Cities. If there are many cities checked in Default Cities, this initial typedown list can be big. You can limit the initial click in … Read more


You can tell Rover to display 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 listings across by setting that preference globally in Rover IDX >> Styling >> Listing Layout.  If you want to override that global setting for a specific page, just add listings_per_row=”50″ to your shortcode. The value of listings_per_row is a percentage of the 100% … Read more