Installing Rover IDX

  • Go to Plugins >> Add New
  • Press the Upload Plugin button, and choose the Rover zip file on your computer
  • Activate the plugin

Setup Rover IDX

  • Required
    • Choose the MLS region from the list.  You can choose more than one if required.
  • Optional
    • Select the Office from the Office & Agents tab.
    • Once the office is selected, you'll see a list of active agents in that office.  Just check each agent that should be active on this website. Active agents will show up in the list of "Agent I'm working with" when visitors register on the site.

Add the shortcode [rover_idx_full_page] to a new or existing page. Rover will generate a complete Search / Results page. Modify the look and feel of this page:

  • globally, by adjusting settings in Rover IDX >> Styling.
  • within this shortcode only, by adding shortcode parameters to affect style and content .  See our comprehensive shortcode help.

Get creative

Add a search panel to one part of a page using [rover_idx_search_panel] and you can add a search results section to another part of your page, using [rover_idx_results_as_table] or [rover_idx_results_as_map].  The search page automatically binds itself to that results section - as visitors make selections to your search panel, the results section automatically updates.

Each of these components are highly configurable. Set the Global layout of the search panel and the results table in the Styling section of the Rover IDX plugin. Override these global settings on a per-shortcode basis with parameters set in the shortcode itself.

How Do I...

Home page search

Real estate websites often have an easy to use, simplified search on their Home page. Often on top of a slideshow or beautiful background image. For example: Here is how to get put these components together: Add...

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Dynamic page layout

You can control the layout of dynamic pages ( for example: ) just like normal pages. See how…

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Custom Search Panels

Many customers want a standard search panel displayed across all their search pages, but a custom search panel - often on the Home page. Example: [rover_idx_full_page search_panel_layout="custom" template_fields="street,mlnumber,beds,baths"] This is what your...

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Display only Single Family Homes

To display only single family homes: [rover_idx_full_page prop_types="singlefamily"] You can use additional valid shortcode parameters to more precisely define what you would like displayed.  For instance: [rover_idx_full_page prop_types="singlefamily,land"...

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Display my listings

Many offices and agents want to display their own listings on a dedicated page.  This helps to give their listings more visibility. To display all listings for the active office mlsid(s) for this site: [rover_idx_full_page listing_office_mlsid="*"] To display all...

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Where is the Search button?

Rover performs searches in real-time (immediately) as you change selections on the search panel.  So you do not need a Search button when listings or a map are displayed on the same page.  As you make changes to the search panel, the map and listings update almost...

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How to handle stray map markers

Listing addresses are geocoded to get the correct latitude and longitude. Sometimes, especially when the address was not correctly input by the agent during the creation of the MLS listing, that geocoding goes awry: Detecting that the geocode didn't quite give us what...

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