shortcodes » rover_idx_contact

Create a highly configurable contact form.  Use the shortcode [rover_idx_contact] to display it in a widget, on a page, or in a footer. When a visitor fills out and sends the contact form, their contact information is also saved to your list of contacts. Click on the parameter link for more information.


You can configure a contact form to display various fields, in any order, in Rover IDX >> Lead Generation >> Contact Form.  These selections will become the global settings for the site. You can override this global setting in a shortcode by specifying contact_fields, and a comma separated list of which fields to display.  The […]


By default, when the contact form is found on a property detail page, the email subject will detail the property address.  If the contact form is not part of a property detail page, the subject will indicate the email address of the sender. Use this parameter to specify a particular subject line - great for […]


Define who the contact is sent to. By default - contact forms that are integrated on property detail pages are sent to: a) the listing agent, if that agent is an active agent on this website b) the contact defined in Rover IDX >> Lead Generation