You don't need a pocket protector to use this api


Built from the ground up to use the same parameter language and concepts as Rover IDX for WordPress, the Rover IDX for PHP is straightforward and powerful.

  • Proven: This is not fresh out of the labs. An extended beta has produced a reliable and scaleable api.
  • Straightforward: With one flexible html() generator, there is not much to mess up.
  • Familiar: The look and feel is the same, with the same controls to configure settings:

Fast · Secure · Reliable

Integration with a new or existing site is quick. FTP the api files to the site. Include them in a page. When you load the page in a browser, you will see a message that contains your new api token. Copy that token into your rover-idx-settings.php file. Add the ->css() and ->html() functions to your page as appropriate. You are ready.


1. Add this in the header of the page:

require_once 'rover_idx.php';

2. Add this in the body of the page:

echo $rover_idx->html(array(

'component' => 'rover_idx_full_page',
'prop_types' => 'singlefamily,condo',
'min_price' => 650000



The 'component' value can be any of:

  • rover_idx_full_page
  • rover_idx_results
  • rover_idx_results_as_table
  • rover_idx_results_as_map
  • rover_idx_search_panel
  • rover_idx_slider
  • rover_idx_searchslider
  • rover_idx_report
  • rover_idx_property_details
  • rover_idx_control_panel
  • rover_idx_settings_panel

Rover IDX for PHP uses the same parameter language, use shortcode help for reference.

3. Finally, add this before the </body> tag: