If the page does not exist in your website, Rover IDX will automatically parse the url, hoping that the url is calling for searchable listings specified by the url. For instance, these all work:


This is a stunningly powerful feature, allowing your site to realize hundreds of search pages and thousands of listings just by placing these dynamic links in sidebars, footers, and pages. You can use the Rover IDX quickLinks feature to build out these links.



Rover IDX will look for these values in url parts ( /urlpart1/urlpart2/ )

  • State - /CA/
  • City - /Springfield/
  • Property Type.  Valid property type url parts are:
    •  business, commercial, condo, fractional, highrise, hotel, land, mobilehome, multifamily, ranch, rental, rentalprivate, resincome, singlefamily, townhouse, boatslip.
  • Example:

Price is calculated via this format:

  • min price - max price.
  • For example, looks for condos in Los Angeles between $100,000 - $450,000.  Zero is a valid min price.

Rover IDX will also look for these values when found after these url parts to further refine listings:

  • mlnumber
  • listing_office_mlsid
  • listing_agent_mlsid
  • street
  • building
  • school
  • subdivision
  • counties
  • zipcode
  • location
  • defined_locations
  • community
  • condo_assoc
  • date_added
  • new_and_updated
  • saved_search
  • Example:
    • to display all the active listings that fall within the defined location (geo coordinates) you defined by name.
    • to display all the active listings in zipcode 92264.
    • to display all the new and updated active listings in the previous 7 days. You can specify almost any english style date construct - line 1month, or 3days, or 2weeks.