Rover IDX's SEO features are all automatic:

  • Long tail search friendly - see explanation below
  • All property and search urls are pretty urls (, and not dynamic urls (
  • We do not use iframes, and properties and searches are not surfaced in a subdomain. Rover is a true, full featured, search engine friendly IDX
  • A sitemap is created that contains all the active listings in your area.
  • This sitemap is updated and submitted to the major crawlers each day

Long tail searches

People are executing more complex searches these days.  These searches, called Long Tail Searches, are more specific than 'Real Estate Harwich' or 'Beachfront Yarmouth'.  It is common that people drive by a house, go home, and type '154 Main St Barnstable' in a Google Search box.  Your site will only be included in the search results if your site is serving up this property information to the search engines, in a format that they understand.

Try this (this is geeky, but illustrative):

Navigate to

In the search box, type

Now change '' to your website domain name, and press Enter:

site results

The 'Site:' command tells you how many pages are included in the Google index for your site.  If only a few dozen pages are in the index, your website is not being properly represented, and your clients will not find your website in their search results.

Rover IDX handles all the indexing of this data.  When you install Rover IDX, your website will gain a web presence that you never realized you were missing!